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These are frequently asked questions by our customers which you might also find very useful

TradeTBC, This the trade platform for the TBC people group where we rupture the hole among TBC and it's actual esteem.

it has been operational a year after the initiation of the TBC in 2016.

The Administrator and his group are knowledgeable about the digital currency market and furthermore grasp the mission and vision of TBC by getting resources from around the globe with TBC and furthermore redistributing the huge profits made from the cryptocurrency market.

We are transparent and we cant scam you

The exact area cannot be uncovered but rather it is working from the USA.

These are plans for exchanging a specific measure of your TBC, there are distinctive exchange portfolios with various exchange limits.

Activation of the exchange portfolio is finished by making a one-time payment in the currency you wish to exchange your TBC for.

We were accepting TBC as of not long ago we stoped it, choice made by the Administrator and his group.

The exact area We don't trade to money. you can trade your TBC for BTC or different altcoins by joining and activating an exchanging portfolio.

You don't earn, you make a trade of your TBC for BTC or different altcoin

it is not complusory but when you refer upto 4 friends that paid for any portfolio, 10% will be added to your weekly maximum trading limit...The exact area To help grow the TBC community successfully, the Admin requires you invite members of the community to walk up the ladder to the Gold portfolio.


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