TradeTBC - How it Works

How it Works

What is this platform all about?

This is a platform that enables TBc investors to exchange their TBC for other crypto currencies, e.g BTC, LITECOIN, BITCOIN CASH e.t.c without stress.

How do i start?

When you visit, you are required to register an account with TradeTBC and this account will grant you access to use TradeTBC and you can simply do that by clicking on Register or Join now on the website and when you get to the TradeTBC registration page, you are relied upon to fill in every single required form without contributing any wrong details, it is significant they are genuine data's since they are utilized for future references..

A security question will be asked while at the registration page if you don't mind observe your answer carefully since it would be used each time you need to login, this is asked because of your own security... People endeavor barging in into others security and furthermore observe that the answer is case sensitive, that is if you use capital letter take note and if it is a small letter also take note to avoid error while trying to login.

After successful registration, you will be required to verify your account through the mail which verification link will be sent to immediately you are done with registration, this normally takes less than 5 minutes to receive the mail...

Note : In the event that you cant discover the mail in your inbox, mercifully check your spam inbox it could be there.

When you have tapped on the verification link sent to you and you have gotten a celebratory message that your registration has been checked effectively, it indicates you are presently having a verified account with

After a successful registration what next?

Since you now have a registered account with us, processed to login with your email and password, after you log in, you will be asked to provide an answer to the question you set while trying to register with us, input correctly and you will be logged in successfully...

After you are logged in the very first time, you will be required to provide a wallet address which could be wallet address for Bitcoin, Litecoin or Bitcoin cash, depending on anyone you wish to accept payments, ensure you input a right wallet address else you may lose your fund.

Note : Any payment method set to receive fund will also be automatically set to activate any portfolio or plan.

Now that i am logged in what next?

Since you are presently signed in, the time has come to test an exchange, A test plan has been empowered for clients coming to for the very first time, this will allow you to test how the exchange functions... you should test an exchange with just $10, This $10 you are going to pay isn't for the site however will be exchange back to your wallet address promptly, it is robotized, this is only for you to test how the site functions before enacting for any portfolio.

You will see a plan called "TEST PLAN" click on the activate plan link and an invoice will be generated for you to make the $10 payment into a randomly generated BTC wallet address... Once you have done a transfer of the exact amount generated for you to the generated wallet address, the system will consequently perceive your payment and will activate your test plan immediately.

Note : If you refuse to transfer the exact amount generated by the website, you may have issues with payment verification & this may prompt a misfortune in funds.

Now that i have activated test plan what next?

So far a test plan has been successful activated, a trade will automatically run on the website within seconds, you will receive a payment of $5 into your wallet address provided immediately... the remaining $5 will be transferred to your TBC balance on the website, which you can trade with it anytime any day.

Now that you have successfully seen your fund in your wallet, you are happy about it right and you are pondering what next??

Now that i have successfully tested the trade, what next?

Now the time has come to pay for an exchanging portfolio or an exchanging plan, we have 8 exchange portfolio you can pay for relying upon the measure of TBC you have and how quick you wish to exchange the TBC with different cryptocurrencies. All you have to do is to follow the same process followed while trying to activate a test plan and activate any trading portfolio of your desire and begin trading.

Note : The exchange portfolio you chose will decide the measure of TBC you can trade weekly with other cryptocurrencies.

Feel free to do a live chat with us anytime any day to ask questions and you can also send a mail Thank you!!!



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